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Brief Description:

This software is useful for nursing homes that use sheets for tracking information.
Starting with a Database graphical interface create and store charting data, orders, and reference material.
Then Use spreadsheet tools to quickly point nursing staff to important daily details saving critical time for accurate patient care and assessment.
... In the future more charting and assessment features can be added as they are developed. Feedback to help problem solve with is welcome. ""


The database and excel sheets work together to create sheets for distributing medication over whole months at a time.

By filling out the basic 5 rights of medication orders the database "looks up" and "fills in" other important details on a condensed Medication Administration Sheet (MAR). This includes such details as medication classification as well as important notes for administering medication or important labs to check/review. For much more follow this link to see the sheet. (link to Image)

You can also include other useful information in the medication order for instance the diagnosis or procedure it is being used for. Noting which prescriber ordered the medication (brought up in a list from your database) automatically passes on emergency contact information to the MAR. Add nurse notes specific to a patient like “prefers crushed in pudding” that will remain specific to that patients order.

The top lines on the MAR form lists all of the medication times each patient will receive medications. The times are separated by shift and of course duplicates are eliminated. These can be jotted down fast at the beginning of a shift on nurse notes without having to review every page of the MAR. This also allows for more med pass times to be managed easier for instance people with drugs needed both before and after eating.

Medication times are all color coded by shift to allow your eye to quickly find them. Quickly go to the MAR when your initial notes tell you to and look for the times that apply to your shift at that time.


Medication Reference Material can be entered/added, edited, exported from or imported into the database. This can be used to share information management material between multiple people on different databases or on one shared database.

Notes such as instructions you want to give with drug orders for implementation and assessment will be stored and automatically passed on with each new order.

Each password protected user account can be given various “roles” with different levels of access to add, edit and delete information or even to view particular screens. This means screens for managing reference material can be dedicated to nurse management roles for entering and managing what you pass on to staff RN’s. As more tools are developed such as vital sign tracking care assistant staff or C.N.A.’s my only be given access to screens such as these any in some instances may only view other information but not change it.

Reduce or eliminate re-entering information shared on page headings such as name, and location information.

Future partnership with drug reference companies may provide external management and updating of this reference material.

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You can also find documentation on .NET and SQL at MSDN.
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