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Our Electronic Medical Records Systems and Hand Charting is the fastest most effective use of “Evidence Based Practice Information” and “Patient Information”.

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I am a Registered Nurse and I believe in making tools to empower nurses along with the healthcare team and aid without micro managing Nurses. This is an example of the Tools. I believe that color coding provides extra dimensions of description in for labeling and calling attention. This is a picture of the way this technology works in the technological "cloud". I recommend using a private on site computer as a server that is not connected to the internet for the most security but various setups are possible including online hosting of this application. (link) See the medication Order Form tab for an example.(example).

This can be used to;

A. Direct attention to each patient’s medication times by highlighting each shift in a color so when scanning through the MAR it is quick to find the orders relevant to that shift (link).

B. Also, having MAR document templates set up to count and re-display the times which individual patients have meds for the day to reduce the amount of time needed for nurses to take notes at the beginning of a shift looking through the MAR (link).

C. Having Quick Access to information current and accurate stored in a Database including; Information they have entered about their patients, Nursing Implementation & Assessment & Lab notes they get from Monograms then added to help aid the staff team members. Check-out this screen shot of the patient data base. (link)

D. Drug note templates can then be generated that pull in reference data to MAR's or make programmatic summary notes. The Monogram section can even be setup for reference companies to generate word documents that be used for publishing and selling of updated database reference for this program. Those monograms that are generated using this program can be exported to excel and then reimported to individual instances say at a hospital using this same program. (link) (link) (link).

E. Having patient and Drug Notes stored into the program so that this information can be re-pulled up over and ever without re-writing or re-typing this for each new month or for each patient. In my experience nursing homes will have up to 56 patients on a floor and that is a lot of time saved in the big picture.

F. This time saved gives the nurse more time to work with patients and flexibility when faced with unexpected events and reduces the amount of stress over piles of charting. Plus it can result in reduced errors with the additional time to think and problem solve which also will affect the bottom line for a business.

G. The plan in future development is also to tie together this tool with a whole patient charting system involving;
Treatment Administration Records (TAR),
Assessment Form
Doctor's notes / Patient diagnosis and history forms
Nursing Aid charting data gathering,
Nursing and Medicare Minimum Data information,
(link) From CMS website
Most recent Lab data and trends
Summarizing it all onto a Kardex like Sheet or screen that is used to pass on the most relevant information to oncoming staff
That data will update and track current information as it is entered electronically for each patient like a heads up display. This will act as cover sheet to the more detailed information stored in the electronic record. Then by adding conditional formatting that will highlight areas outside of "Within Normal Limits" assessment bringing attention to information to look in more detail on. This medium can then be used in printed form by a nurse for things like giving report or passing off that reference as clear electronic notes.