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The Story Behind the Scenes



        -How information is passed to the MAR (link)
        -How the whole charting system works (link)
        -C# code behind window (link)
        -ASP.NET code behind window (link)
        -HTML, CSS, JavaScript code behind window (link)

I have been working on webforms that function like this example (link) Medication Order Sheet.

These sheets which will function with a variety of forms & tables of data from databases with ASP.NET web controls to send and receive information over a network cloud model like this example (link).

I would like to provide access to reference material with evidence based practices like F.A. Davis's PDR directly for gathering and saving notes on medication administration and diagnosis etc... See about for more info (link)

Right now I am in classes a North Seattle CC taking my last two prerequisites for the University of Washington's RN-BSN. I already have completed an additional operating systems class (vista) and "Computers for Math and Science" receiving a 4.0 in each. I have also been taking online course/tutorial training at and I will also be pursuing my Microsoft developer credentials once I am ready for the certification tests.