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This is the screen where Drug monograms can be edited or imported. By allowing the programs administrator or a company to edit the material that is used as a reference this gives us both standardization and flexibility. The sort of Fuzzy thinking that takes place amongst real human beings communicating with one another reined in by standard information and evidence based practice that education and reference material can provide. A good example would be that I have observed that the ranges by which labs are annualized are not always quite the same between organizations however they do all fall close to the same line. This gives us some play in working on how best to treat analyze gather data and make diagnostic decisions as a health care team.

 Monogram Data

By pressing the import button the window below will appear. In order to save time you can import text files instead of excel files. Select "all files" then browse to the Text file you want to import. To generate text files from excel files open the excel file hit save as and select the Text (MS-DOS)(*.txt) file type instead of an Excel Workbook (*.xlsx) file.

Import Button

Note after selecting the file to upload this may take several minutes for the next window to show up depending on the size of the table being imported. This is not an error just be patient and the window will appear shortly. The process of updating and informing a database takes a bit of time and the message below will show up until then.


Select the corresponding table properties for the columns from the table being imported. This is one to one there will be a table property in the database that for instance below is diagnosis names and a column from the table being imported that stores a list of those names to be imported. In the drug monogram for instance there are table properties for classifications or names of drugs a drug interacts with. Labs have values for defining ranges etc...


Once these are set hitting continue imports the text to fill these in rapidly as if completing it as a form programmatically. In the end I will probably include background processes for this to be done directly with SQL controls as well so the standard reference material can be uploaded as it is updated online. I will then find a way for the program to ask permission before changing any entries an institution or administrator has changed manually to suit their purposes.

Front End Import