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Our Electronic Medical Records Systems and Hand Charting is the fastest most effective use of “Evidence Based Practice Information” and “Patient Information”.

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This is the screen that will load when you are adding a new patient to the database.

By clicking the green arrow you can add a picture of the patient. Also the variuos text boxes and drop downs allow you to quickly add details about each patient.

By Clicking on the save button any time a tab shows an * which indicates changes have been made the database will be saved and updated with the new information.

Clicking the black arrow of a tab simply closes the tab and warns you if you have not saved changes made in that tab.

There is lots of subtle user interface like this that will be fairly intuitive. Bold is used for instance to indicate a required field like the field "First Name". The interface will not let you save or exit unless you enter that field in or choose to not save the entry entirely. This is so that A certain information is not forgotten that will be needed by future users and B some of the required fields are for things that the database requires to later perform tasks in code. Another example of User Interface is the business logic which helps define and format entries into fields like phone numbers you can enter them various ways but the code will format them to all look the same. If a field requires a certain type of thing to be entered then hovering over the field will show an example.

New Patient Screen