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Our Electronic Medical Records Systems and Hand Charting is the fastest most effective use of “Evidence Based Practice Information” and “Patient Information”.

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 Under The current design this is the screen that will load after login credentials are provided. From this screen you can view the Census containing the main information used to browse through patients stored in the database. There is a search box which allows you to search by name when this database becomes full and it is easier to use search to find them rather than scrolling through. I included the picture of each patient here as well for quick identification of the patient you are looking for.

By clicking the green "+" button above the census or the "Create New Patient" task on the left hand menu a new screen appears as a tab allowing you to enter that new patients information.

By selecting a patient and then clicking the Pencil button above the census this opens up the information of a patient already entered and allows you to edit the information.

By Clicking on the save button any time a tab shows an * which indicates changes have been made the database will be saved and updated with the new information.

Search Screen